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Donor 6308

Donor 6308

July 22, 2020

Donor 6308 is a motivated and positive man who puts family first. He admits he prefers to put the group goal ahead of his own. He grew up surrounded by first responders and respects the value of community service. He is very active, keeps very physically fit and has a disciplined life. His leadership skills are apparent. Our staff find him very respectful and charming, always a gentleman who seems to genuinely care. Making others feel comfortable is a top priority. One of his best characteristics is his ability to empathize with people. He is altruistic to his core, and enjoys volunteering to assist veterans, first responders, kids, and animals. He believes in being healthy both physically and mentally; taking time each day to meditate. In the grand scheme of things, he appreciates the simplicity of life. He is confident and knows how handsome he truly is.