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Donor 6327

Donor 6327

February 22, 2021

Donor 6327 is a very bright, hardworking man who is a talented singer. He describes himself as laid back, wanting to be the funny man in the room, but not as outspoken as most. A passionate singer, he has been in choirs throughout school and now continues to be part of singing groups since graduating. In his free time, he also relaxes by doing origami, building models and drawing. He has a love for helping others and improving the environment. An avid traveler, he can make the most of any travel destination. His compassion towards others is admirable, saying he wants to learn to express unconditional kindness. His dark, almond- shaped eyes and wavy, black hair contrast well with his fair complexion. He has a straight, smile that simply beams. His facial features are quite serene and calming.