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Donor 6331

Donor 6331

May 21, 2021

Donor 6331 is an articulate, bright man who is energetic, curious, and goal-oriented. His optimistic attitude is contagious. He has a very calm and kind demeanor. He has an appreciation for the fine arts and is a skilled piano and accordion player. He has a passion for fitness, and he loves to run regularly and participates in marathons and long cycling rides. Being outdoors is a passion. This well-rounded donor has also excelled academically all his life. Also generous, he enjoys giving back to the community. He has well-kept, dark hair and compelling, narrow, dark eyes. His dark hair and eyes really suit his glowing, fair complexion. This donor has an alluring, chiseled jawline, and attractive facial features. He has a tall stature and athletic, fit build. He is always well-dressed and looking very dapper. Friends tell him he resembles Keanu Reeves, and we agree.