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Donor 6336

Donor 6336

May 21, 2021

Donor 6336 is a positive, warm-hearted man who is proud to be in the military. He is quite active as he loves motocross and playing golf. He is a skilled and creative in auto mechanics and likes to make cars a reflection of the owner’s personality. Adventurous and humorous, he likes to focus on keeping himself and others happy. He appreciates honesty and humor from others. He is a caring man who cherishes his family and friends. Growing up on a farm, he is very empathetic and compassionate towards animals. He also greatly appreciates nature, and would love to live a life outdoors, perhaps near the mountains. He has oval-shaped, light blues eyes that look like the sky on a clear day. His blonde hair is well-kept and complements his fair complexion. He has a large build due to his active lifestyle. He resembles actor Jonah Hill.