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Donor 6341

Donor 6341

August 06, 2021

Donor 6341 is kind, humorous, and accomplished. An adoring father of three children, he is a dedicated family man. He is eager to learn new things, and his interests include flying, fencing, carpentry, reading and blogging. He is full of joy and optimism about every aspect of life. His easy-going and loving nature encourages him to uplift and motivate his peers, who thoroughly appreciate his support. He dedicates himself to being a great person and making sure that his positive presence is felt. He has a strong physique, broad shoulders, and perfect skin. His hair is beautifully thick and cut into a military style. His hazel eyes suit his glowing, fair complexion. He is a very handsome man and resembles Jared Leto with a crew cut and a clean-shaven face.