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Donor 6345

Donor 6345

September 20, 2021

Donor 6345 has a radiant personality with a creative flair. He is passionate about caring for his community and helping those who have healthcare inequities, so much so that his career focusses on meeting those needs. He was a Peace Corps worker and has seen firsthand how people live and struggle. He loves music, step dancing and playing the saxophone. He is a very creative individual that does not like to blend in. He expresses himself outwardly with his impressive fashion sense, spontaneity and listening to his huge music library. He has a sunny disposition and is rarely not smiling. Despite already being successful, donor 6345 still has goals of furthering his education and gaining notoriety in his field. He is handsome, with deep, luscious, blemish free skin. He has dark brown eyes that sparkle behind his glasses and almost disappear when he shows his bright, white smile.