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Donor 6346

Donor 6346

October 21, 2021

Donor 6346 is a sensitive man that chooses to express himself through creative outlets such as music, dance, and artwork. He enjoys photography and is a talented pianist that has been playing for over 20 years. He is both emotionally and mentally intelligent. He is an avid traveler that finds joy in experiencing the wonders of the world. Though quiet, he is outwardly kind and is obviously the type that always tries to help others. He comes from a large family and loves children. This donor dedicates a lot of his free time on spending time with loved ones; he is a true family man. Handsome with a commanding stature, he has a physique that is thick with strength. His dark, oval-shaped eyes are surrounded by lengthy and densely packed eyelashes and are framed by thick eyebrows. He gives off a kind aura and is always sneaking a smile through his beard. He is very stylish.