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Donor 6347

Donor 6347

September 01, 2021

Donor 6347 is kind, soft-spoken and polite. He is a punctual individual, dressed professionally, giving him a dutiful air. He speaks to everyone in the office respectfully and overall has a welcoming nature. He speaks softly but carries himself confidently. His calming presence mellows the entire office whenever he comes by. Despite his humbleness, he has a personal goal of getting recognition in his field and having a successful, rewarding career. Musically gifted, he enjoys playing the Japanese flute. He has a clean-cut appearance. His hair is jet-black, thick, straight, and styled with bangs. He has large, downturned eyes that rest beneath softly arched eyebrows. He has evenly tanned skin that is smooth and free of blemishes. He has been an avid swimmer for years and has a slender body with broad shoulders as a result.