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Donor 6351

Donor 6351

November 09, 2021

Donor 6351 is a self-confident man with a caring, empathetic nature. A dedicated fire fighter and paramedic, he wants to make a difference. He is an open-minded individual, and makes his choices based on how they affect others. He has an adventurous spirit, enjoying his motorcycling and being creative in the kitchen. Being outdoors and helping the environment are passions. He is often heard laughing boisterously and seems to have an infectious love for life. He has a playful personality but is far from immature. He has honesty and patience that are rarely seen even in men that are older than him. His face has strong, manly features that are softened by a rose-beige complexion. His brows are thick and arched and are used expressively. His skin tone and dark hair are indicative of his Mediterranean background. He has a slender, yet fit frame and his easygoing smile makes him highly approachable.