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Donor 6354

Donor 6354

November 30, 2021

Donor 6354 is a confident man who believes in treating others with fairness and kindness. A deep thinker, he has an extremely analytical mind and takes his time to come to important decisions. He seems well suited for his career as a software developer. It is obvious that he was raised to treat everyone with respect. Judging others on superficial traits is not how he thinks. He often strikes up conversations with our staff; he genuinely seems interested and enjoys lightening the mood. He has warm, almond skin and sports a trimmed beard and moustache. He is tall with a medium, fit frame. His figure and clear skin make it obvious that he lives a healthy lifestyle. He has deep-set, luminous, dark brown eyes. He has round cheeks that perk up sweetly when he smiles. It’s rare to see him without a slight smile on his face.