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Donor 6356

Donor 6356

October 28, 2021

Donor 6356 is an extremely nice man who plans to make a positive difference in the world. He admits he is sensitive and is quite empathetic. He is optimistic and wants to spread good in this world. Outgoing and a real people person, he still appreciates the value of being a good listener. He admires those with great self-awareness and the ability to reflect on things they may have done wrong, as he values these traits within himself. A natural planner, he is methodical in his approach to tasks. He enjoys staying active with outdoor activities such as basketball, baseball, rock climbing and more. His other hobbies include cooking, singing, dancing the waltz and participating in community service. He is clean-cut and fresh-faced with boyish good looks. He’s of moderate height with a slim, yet toned build and broad shoulders. He has pale, clear skin with dark blonde, straight hair that is swooshed to one side. His eyes are a shade of blue that is so dark that it is difficult to tell it is blue unless you are right in front of him. He has thin, pink lips that reveal bright white teeth when he smiles.