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Donor 6357

Donor 6357

January 05, 2022

Donor 6357 is a bright man who is driven to succeed. He has owned his own business since age 15. A hard-working man, he is motivated to succeed so he can help his family in his home country. He is a technology expert and picks up skills easily. He has a quiet, polite, and warm demeanor. His soft-spoken nature is juxtaposed with his love for playing the drums and other percussion instruments. Also, a very good athlete, he enjoys baseball, soccer, BMX and water polo. He has a warm cinnamon skin tone and wavy raven-black hair. He has clear skin and a clean-shaven face aside from a slight mustache. His eyebrows are thick and straight, and he has dark brown eyes. He is tall, and his dark features give him an intense and mysterious look.