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Donor 6385

Donor 6385

August 04, 2022

Donor 6385 is a man who is always willing to help others. As a volunteer firefighter, he sees it as an important way to give back to his community. He works hard and tries his best at everything he does. His many hobbies include hiking, reading, building things and gardening. A very family-oriented man, he is close to his loved ones and aspires to have a large family of his own one day. He has an infectious optimism and smiles easily. When he smiles his hazel eyes turn into dark crescents and his whole face beams. He has a thick, neatly trimmed brown moustache that gives him a more macho appearance. He is fit and is over six feet tall. This donor has a warm ivory skin tone and short, silky brown hair. He has been told he resembles actor Chris O’Dowd and we agree.