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Donor 6387

Donor 6387

November 07, 2022

Donor 6387 is a soft-spoken, kindhearted man. He is respectful and polite. A volunteer for several groups, he believes being kind and helpful is important. This donor is a patient person who wants to become a teacher. He is punctual and communicative when it comes to his duties in life. He is a hard worker with high goals for his future. A creative person, he likes to draw, write, sing, dance and cook. The staff has nothing but high praise for this donor. A handsome man, he has bronzed skin and luscious jet-black hair. His slender build is toned from his vigorous exercise routine. He has dark brown eyes set in a smoldering gaze. He has an attractive, chiseled face with enviable bone structure. He is often dressed in black which adds to his bad-boy appearance.