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Donor 6397

Donor 6397

December 21, 2022

Donor 6397 is a very compassionate individual who believes helping others is the secret to a long life. Very courteous and lighthearted, he always has a bright smile on his face. He has an optimistic approach to life and is driven to meet his goals. Extremely athletic, his love for physical activity inspired him to join the military. He is naturally inquisitive and wants to understand the process before jumping into something. He is talented musically, playing a few instruments. In his free time, he gets creative by welding, working on cars and cooking. He has a medium build and dark black hair that complements his mesmerizing brown eyes. His muscular physique is due to his military background and love of playing soccer, football, basketball, and surfing. He has dark chocolate skin and slight medium dimples that accentuate his beautiful smile.