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Donor 6407

Donor 6407

June 17, 2021

Donor 6407 is a family man; he loves his children very much. The joy they bring to his life inspired him to be a donor and help others to feel the same. He is very grounded and stands for what he thinks is right. He admires those that work hard and lead an honest life. A dedicated public servant, he has been in the Marines and is now a special agent. He is a natural leader and coach to many youth sports teams. He likes teaching and being a positive influence on youth. Being outdoors and playing hockey are passions. He has a great sense of humor and is an enthusiastic conversationalist. He has a muscular build reflective of his occupation as a special agent. He has bright blue eyes, which really grab your attention when you first meet him. He shaves his head, but before that he had bright, almost white, blonde hair. His kindhearted and relaxed nature stops his imposing physical stature from being intimidating. He is a very handsome man and resembles actor Ewan McGregor.