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Donor 6449

Donor 6449

September 15, 2022

Donor 6449 is a thoughtful and introspective individual with a sincere drive to succeed. He values growth both personally and professionally and has big goals for his future with an ambitious spirit to make them happen. Hard work, perseverance, and authenticity are all traits clearly exemplified by this donor. As a contractor, he enjoys the challenges and outdoor time that accompany each day. Outside of work, he is a lover of gaming, good movies, and even better food with his signature cuisine being tacos and burritos. He is a very handsome gentleman with a tall, slender build maintained by his regular visits to the gym. He has a radiant soft smile which complements his kind nature and open-mindedness. His dark brown, curly hair and well-defined brows enhance his big, light brown eyes. These kind eyes accompanied by his charming smile are a great portrayal of his sincerity.