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Donor 6460

Donor 6460

May 24, 2023

Donor 6460 is a very intelligent, humble, and driven man. He gives his full effort in all his endeavors. He is very honest with himself and those around him. He is reserved yet does not shy away from standing up for others. He admires compassion and kindness towards others. Family is the highest priority. Staff find this donor fun to interact with because his passion for his career as an aerospace engineer is palpable. He has a love of learning, does not want to ever become complacent, and already speaks several languages. His caramel skin is complemented nicely by his black curly hair. This donor dresses very professionally and keeps himself in shape. He likes to stay active and plays soccer and cricket. He also enjoys hiking and swimming. He has a nice smile and calm demeanor. He resembles an Indian version of singer The Weeknd.