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Donor 6604

Donor 6604

February 22, 2023

Donor 6604 is a warm, friendly man who is a leader among his peers. He is bright, completed a master’s degree in space engineering and aspires to be an astronaut and travel into space. While working on that goal, he is focusing on environmental solutions for a cleaner world. He has a calm and generous personality and values community service. Throughout his life, he has showcased athletic ability and was all state in several sports including football, baseball, soccer, and wrestling. He has a passion for dancing and doing chorography. This donor is also musically inclined, having played the saxophone for 8 years. His sparkling blue eyes and soft, red hair suits his porcelain complexion. He always greets the staff with his bright, welcoming smile. His light ginger hair tone reminds the staff of autumn. His features are gentle, and his skin is pristine. His outward appearance is one of health and happiness.