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Donor 6607

Donor 6607

March 03, 2023

Donor 6607 has a kind demeanor and is a bright, responsible man. Our staff considers him a sweet person with a good sense of humor. He is open-minded and likes helping others. His physical and mental health are important to him, and he strives to live a balanced life focused on making healthy choices. He loves reading books, traveling, hiking and bird watching. He also enjoys cooking and shared several favorite recipes with us. As a writer he is very careful with his words and always has kind things to say. He considers himself an artistic and poetic person. He is academically gifted and found success in geography competitions at an early age. He has a slender and fit build. His hair is a blonde with a fine, soft texture. His eyes are a stormy blue reminiscent of a cloudy night. They rest beneath nicely arched, light blonde brows. His face is slightly square and chiseled, with well-proportioned features and a rosy ivory skin tone. He has small but very pink lips and resembles actor Bill Hader.