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Donor 6701

Donor 6701

November 17, 2021

Donor 6701 is an eclectic and overachieving individual who enjoys succeeding in all aspects of life. As a first-generation Chinese immigrant, he has high goals set for himself and enjoys overcoming challenging problems. In high school, he earned a fine arts award for participating in all the fine arts programs including art, choir, and theatre. In college, he continued his fine arts streak by joining an acapella group and learning to play both the guitar and violin. His goal is to be within the top 5% of performers in his career field and eventually pursue a master’s degree in software engineering or computer science. He is tall with a toned, athletic build. He has thick, black, straight hair with bangs that sweep across his forehead and complement his equally thick and dark eyebrows. His skin is lightly tanned from playing basketball and tennis outside during his favorite season of summer.