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Donor 6710

Donor 6710

January 05, 2022

Donor 6710 is an exceptionally ambitious and industrious young doctor. When he is not saving lives in the ER, this donor devotes his time to entrepreneurial projects that he hopes will make the world a cleaner, safer space for all. Growing up, he was both varsity athlete and valedictorian and this combination of team-based skills and a love for learning have allowed him to become a remarkable leader wherever he goes. While driven, Donor 6710 also understands the value of rest. In his free time, he likes to run, go to the movies, and spend quality time catching up with his family. He is a handsome man who is always impeccably dressed. His deep brown eyes are framed by straight browns and dark lashes. He keeps his body in shape by eating a healthy diet and running 20 miles a week. This donor has full, shapely lips that curl into a charming grin when he speaks.