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Donor 6725

Donor 6725

April 11, 2022

Donor 6725 is a calm, thoughtful man with a love for travel and new experiences. His kind, gentle nature makes him an excellent listener, and he interacts with others from a place of empathy and compassion. This donor enjoys reading non-fiction and historical novels that give him perspective on different time periods and ways of thinking. He expresses he creativity by cooking healthy, delicious meals and playing thought-provoking games like chess. He is a tall man with a thin, healthy build that he maintains with a great diet and regular exercise. His inquisitive, dark brown eyes are framed by thick, straight brows and dark lashes. A handsome man, he keeps his full head of dark hair neatly trimmed in a sporty yet professional style that matches his business-casual attire. He resembles actor Jason Statham.