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Donor 6729

Donor 6729

April 04, 2022

Donor 6729 is a charismatic, charming artist that loves to travel. He is excited by the opportunity to experience new people and places, and his outgoing, sincere nature makes it easy for him to connect to others. This donor enjoys cooking, and his multi-ethnic background has influenced the wide variety of dishes he enjoys preparing for friends and family. He cares deeply about a number of social and environmental causes and aims to help those around him. He is tall and strikingly handsome; his mixed ancestry lends him unique features. His ice-blue, oval-shaped eyes are framed by long lashes and well-formed brows. His full lips are often pulled back into a charming grin as he speaks. This donor dresses in well-fitting, stylish clothing that reflects his artistic nature and highlights the lean muscle of his arms and legs.