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Donor 6737

Donor 6737

November 30, 2022

Donor 6737 is a polite and kindhearted man with a laidback easy-going demeanor. He describes himself as trustworthy and dependable. He has simple goals such as having a successful career and owning a house with two dogs. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and hopes to one day work as a senior level business analyst for a Fortune 500 company. His favorite thing to do is go skiing and the most exciting thing he’s ever done is go on a solo skiing trip for a week. He loves spending time with his friends and enjoys playing volleyball or cooking a braised short rib for them. He is a lean individual with muscular legs and toned arms from time spent playing soccer and volleyball. He has shiny, dark-brown hair that is parted on the side and sweeps across his forehead to highlight his charming widow’s peak. He has hazel, almond-shaped eyes that are framed nicely by his thick, clean eyebrows. His thin beard borders his pink lips and accentuates his handsome jawline.