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Donor 6745

Donor 6745

July 07, 2022

Donor 6745 is an adventure-seeking, high-energy man whose main purpose in life is to pursue unique and interesting experiences. His favorite memories include driving across the country to hike the Grand Canyon in a snowstorm and racing scooters on the backroads of Thailand. His goal is to try one new hobby every year which has allowed him to acquire a versatile skill set. He can play guitar, piano, and cello as well as paint and brew cider and beer. He has a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Accounting with the goal of receiving an MBA to help startup companies grow. He is a tall individual with a personality as bright as his smile. He has an athletic build from years of practicing ballroom dancing and yoga. His vibrant smile reveals dimples and a perfectly straight set of teeth. He has luscious, light brown hair that curls up and compliments his youthful appearance and personality. His sun-kissed skin makes his round, dark blue eyes sparkle.