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Donor 6754

Donor 6754

July 24, 2022

Donor 6754 is a motivated and accomplished doctor with an affinity for medicine and traveling. Growing up in a small town in Nepal, his parents taught him to appreciate the simple things and stressed the importance of education. At a young age, he was selected to study medicine in one of the most prestigious institutions in Nepal. His goal is to have a successful career as a neurosurgeon and ultimately become a professor of medicine. When he’s not saving lives, he enjoys reading autobiographies and listening to jazz music. He has a lean frame and good posture. He has round, dark brown eyes that are accentuated by the frames of his stylish glasses. He has straight, black hair with bangs that sweep across his forehead and high cheekbones that give him a youthful appearance. His porcelain skin is always dewy and sporting a light tan. He is always perfectly groomed, and his business casual clothing reflects his professional personality.