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Donor 6761

Donor 6761

September 15, 2022

Donor 6761 is a sweet and humble extrovert who finds strength by being helpful to others. He was taught that having principles and conviction is of the utmost importance and he reflects this in his life daily. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in International Business with the hopes of one day earning his MBA or CPA to become a full-time financial analyst. He is fluent in Japanese and has picked up Italian since his study abroad trip in Rome. He loves trying new hobbies and can play the violin and piano while also competing in target shooting archery and racing motocross as a multiclass and state champion. In his down time, he prefers to work with his hands and can perform many hands-on tasks like woodworking or fixing cars and motorcycles. He is handsome with a charming personality and a preppy, professional style. He has dark brown, almond shaped eyes that sparkle along with his dazzling smile. He has muscular frame from playing many sports including soccer, snowboarding, Brazilian jujitsu, and ice skating.