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Donor 6778

Donor 6778

March 16, 2023

Donor 6778 is self-disciplined and aspires to be a present, sympathetic listener. He is thoughtful and speaks with intelligence and confidence. His moral compass is focused on service, gratitude, leadership, and spirituality. Very athletic, he has competed at the state level in tennis and also plays volleyball. An outdoorsman, he likes to camp, fish, hike, and bike. He has a love for the environment which leads him to strive to one day become an executive for an environmentally friendly company. This donor is tall, handsome, and charming. His beautiful blue eyes are complemented by his long, curly blonde hair. He keeps his hair well-groomed in a ponytail, matched fashionably well with his business casual attire. He maintains a toned physique. He resembles actor Cole Sprouse.