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Donor 6788

Donor 6788

May 08, 2023

Donor 6788 is an ambitious engineer that likes to create new designs and inventions from everyday items. He finds problem solving rewarding and regularly does so in his engineering career. He values trust and honesty in others and finds these characteristics very important to have in life. His motto is to take life one step at a time, and to always be looking for the next opportunity that comes about. He enjoys more simple activities as well, such as relaxing with friends, listening to country music, and reading up on military history. He has a calm demeanor accompanied by a soft smile. His oval blue eyes have a wholesomeness to them, outlined by straight eyebrows and an oval face. He has plump, rosy pink cheeks that glimmer over his fair skin tone. He has light, wavy brown hair that is nicely trimmed short. Along with his handsome features, he has a strong and lean body frame with a tall stature. His attire includes a casual fit with a slightly western feel to it.