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Donor 6798

Donor 6798

April 27, 2023

Donor 6798 is a soft-spoken, well-mannered software engineer who believes keeping life simple is the key to happiness. He comes from a close-knit, traditional family that influenced his current lifestyle and priorities. Growing up, he played mixed martial arts and karate which taught him how to be disciplined and active. His fondest memories are traveling the world with his family and doing activities such as skiing and rock climbing. He is fluent in three languages and loves volunteering at the food banks during the weekends. His goal is to have a long, successful professional career in Information Technology and to be a good son, husband, and father. He is a handsome, tall, fit individual with strong arms from years of experience playing cricket and ping pong. He has thick, black hair that sweeps across his forehead and accentuates his equally full black beard. His brown eyes are soft and pair well with his chestnut skin tone and well-groomed eyebrows.