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Donor 6836

Donor 6836

May 18, 2023

Donor 6836 is a very kind, friendly, and creative individual. He has an altruistic nature, wanting to help others. In his neuroscience career he hopes to make a difference for those who suffer from depression. He tends to be the one friend others confide in and go to for advice. A hobby musician, he has played the drums since childhood. His leadership role in the drumline during school has been a significant life experience for him. He has an attention to detail which serves him in his scientific career as well as his baking skills. He writes well and is quite articulate. He is a tall, slim, handsome man. He has big brown eyes lined with long, dark eyelashes. His short, dark brown hair is always well-kept and styled. His big smile offers a very kind and approachable appearance. He resembles American streamer Ninja.