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Donor 6852

Donor 6852

September 21, 2023

Donor 6852 is a humble and compassionate man. He is a seasoned fireman and passionate about helping his community. A devoted father and husband, he makes his family a priority. He has a degree in theology and is committed to his faith. He keeps busy with his many hobbies which include reading, cooking, drawing, playing the drums and riding his motorcycle. He loves to share his experiences and explore the country with his wife and children. This donor is genuinely caring and thoughtful when it comes to helping others. In addition, he is a big supporter of mental health awareness. He truly hopes his donations can bring joy and love to any family. He is a very handsome man with the muscular build necessary for his physically demanding profession as a fireman. He has kind, brown eyes below a set of thick eyebrows. He has a beautiful smile.