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Donor 6911

Donor 6911

April 24, 2023

Donor 6911 is a friendly man with a passion for travel and exploration. His love for travel stemmed from his childhood, for he regularly went camping, to the beach, and amusement parks with his family. He also has a passion for music; he enjoys making music and creating music videos. He also enjoys bowling, writing and even cooking. Seafood would be his favorite cuisine to cook as well as to eat. He is finishing up his associate degree in recreational management and hopes to be a travel agent. He is goal-driven and desires to create a stable financial system for him and his kids, that can be passed down from generation to generation. His talents are memorable and overall match his spunky, cool, and happy personality. This donor is quite handsome, bold, and stylish. He has a toned physique. He has a special glow to him when he walks in the office, for he is always excited for the day and is never gloomy. His dark brown braided hair is kept up but has added flair to it with blond tips. He has a charming smile and friendly personality that is quite contagious. His round, brown eyes beam with honesty and happiness when he gazes upon you.