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Donor 6913

Donor 6913

April 10, 2023

Donor 6913 is an organized perfectionist who is extremely career and goal oriented. Growing up, both of his parents attended school while raising him which required him to obtain skills in planning and doing things independently early on in life. He earned his bachelor’s in business administration and plans to pursue his master’s in project management in the future. He grew up on rural, Latin American coastal town where he spent his days having adventures on the beach, becoming fluent in Spanish, and learning how to play the flute. He enjoys reading, going on hikes, and playing video games. He loves going out to Latino dance halls and dancing salsa and merengue. He is training to compete in an Ironman race next year. He has a welcoming smile that is sweet and genuine. His soft, brown eyes carry a peaceful gaze and are framed by thin, black glasses that give him a mysterious allure and calming presence. He has muscular arms that are covered in intricate and colorful sleeve tattoos. He has a full head of thick black hair that pairs well with his neatly trimmed mustache and beard.