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Donor 6920

Donor 6920

April 18, 2023

Donor 6920 is an intellectual multimedia journalist who is always looking to learn and improve. He was raised to have a strong work ethic which led him to become a straight-A student with a love for reading the thickest books he could find. His curious nature led him to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication as well as several certifications in digital media and photojournalism. His goal is to have a long-term career in journalism, and eventually launch his own travel show. In his free time, he enjoys resin-molding to make chess boards and pieces, video editing, and hiking. He has round blue eyes, accentuated by the framing of his thick black glasses. His dark blonde hair is straight and combed to the side giving him a sleek and youthful look. He is usually dressed business casual in a collared, button-down shirt, and cardigan vest on top.