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Donor 6926

Donor 6926

May 08, 2023

Donor 6926 is a well-spoken, boisterous person of action. He craves leadership roles and aspires to be a teacher and community activist. His frequent listing on the Honor Roll, and nearly perfect GPA for his bachelor’s in history and philosophy, highlights his commitment towards achieving his goals. He is an extroverted and intuitive individual whose conversations make others feel warm and welcome. He is tolerant, slow to anger and makes the effort to be inclusive when he sees someone who needs the extra encouragement. He wants to travel the world and run the most rigorous marathon in the world, the Ironman. Cycling and running keep him fit. He cycled across the entire US last summer. He is tall and lean with an athletic build. His wavy, Tuscany brown hair flows nicely around his oval face. He has a well-groomed mustache, oval green eyes, and a light, sandy skin tone that gives him a rustic, cowboy aesthetic.