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Donor 6935

Donor 6935

October 04, 2023

Donor 6935 is a creative, caring, and dedicated chemistry research student who is greatly influenced by his close-knit family. He intends to pursue a PhD in Chemistry. He says his goal in life is to help people around the world with kindness. His commitment to service and openness to experiences are shaped by the times in his childhood when he traveled to developing nations with his physician father. He centers his pursuits around helping others, from becoming a lifeguard to dedicating his life to helping create new medicines. He loves being in the sun and enjoys swimming, hiking, and playing soccer with his brother. This donor is a handsome, affable individual with a fit physique. His dark brown almond eyes curve up and radiate with warmth when he smiles. His casual style and friendliness bring a unique charm, making him approachable.