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Donor 6952

Donor 6952

October 02, 2023

Donor 6952 is an ambitious and curious entrepreneur with the desire to do big things in this world. He graduated early from both high school and college and earned his degree in Computer Science and went on to become a brilliant software engineer. He decided he wanted to expand his knowledge and skills in a more meaningful way which led him to start patenting products and ideas in the hopes of creating a start-up company. He is an avid reader who grew up taking a duffle bag to the library and checking out as many books as possible until he reached his limit. When he’s not reading, he enjoys hiking with his friends and running. His goals are to create a successful start-up company, eventually run a full marathon, and become a devoted husband and father. He has an active lifestyle and toned figure. His light, crystal blue eyes pair well with his thick, chocolate brown hair and beige skin tone.