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Donor 7110

Donor 7110

September 25, 2023

Donor 7110 is a disciplined, fearless military man who is prepared to face any challenge. Growing up in Eastern Europe, he spent his weekends exploring the forests and swimming in the rivers. His parents instilled in him the traditions of kindness and hospitality from his home country that he hopes to pass on to his son. His hobbies include playing checkers, practicing his shooting and tactical military skills as well as reading survival and mental endurance novels. He loves traveling with his family and enjoys making dumplings for them. His goal is to create his own private military company and be the best father and husband he can be. He has deep blue eyes and light brown hair that he keeps short and combed. His excellent posture and body structure come from his dedication to fitness for his military service. His ongoing commitment to rowing won him a championship and is also the source of his muscular legs and arms. Despite his disciplined upbringing, he has a carefree personality and casual style.