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Donor 7218

Donor 7218

November 03, 2023

Donor 7218 is a very motivated, hardworking, and honest individual. He was raised to always stay busy whether that meant being out fishing or riding a bike as a kid. He takes great pride in his commitment to his health and always finds time to work out almost every day. He enjoys his career in real estate and home construction. He loves being able to use his creativity during the process of renovating homes and seeing his visions come to life. In his free time, you can find him going to sporting events (football, hockey, and baseball) hanging out with friends, or traveling. He is a handsome man with a muscular build. He has a thick head of rich black hair. He usually keeps his full-face beard neatly trimmed. His dark bushy eyebrows compliment his dark brown eyes. He has a golden skin tone and can give off a very serious look.