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Donor 7221

Donor 7221

October 04, 2023

Donor 7221 is down-to-earth and approaches life with deep thoughtfulness. He has an extraordinary work ethic and believes that the best rewards come from the greatest challenges. He lives a very simple lifestyle and aspires to build a sustaining farm one day. He never takes family time for granted and spending time with them is a priority. In his free time, you can find him hunting, fishing, or anything related to being outdoors. Woodworking and metalworking are longtime hobbies. He finds satisfaction with his career as a field service engineer, but still values the skill sets he received from being in the Army and previously being a mechanic and welder. He is very tall with a medium build and broad shoulders. He has warm hazel eyes, and a cheery smile. His deep voice complements his overall look as a jolly gentle giant.