Open to All

Fairfax Cryobank proudly serves everyone who wishes to create their family using any of our many services. We welcome single women, same sex couples, couples facing infertility, those who wish to store their precious embryos, men and women wanting to preserve their fertility, and members of the military who choose to store their sperm or eggs before deployment.

Donor Sperm selected from a large, diverse group of ID and Non-ID donors.

  • We help single women, same sex couples, and infertile couples. We are here to offer our support.
  • Our experienced and friendly client services representatives can walk you through the process, from selecting the ideal donor to shipping the vials to your clinic, to keeping additional vials stored for future use.

Fertility Preservation

  • We offer storage services for embryos, oocytes and client’s own sperm.
  • With over 30 years of experience storing and shipping reproductive specimens, we are your relaible storage solution.

Call, chat or email us with your questions. We are here to help.