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Donor 5600 is a benevolent optimist who values achieving his goals, but keeps family as the most important part of his life. From his mother he inherited his love for travel, new experiences and interacting with different cultures, while from his father he learned tenacity and the desire to be the best in all aspects of his life. He is creative; he likes painting landscapes, ink drawing, and leather work. Being outdoors is a passion of his. An avid reader, he prefers historical books and reads several a month. He views the donor program as one of the many ways he can make a difference in the world. He has smooth, fair skin, and soft caramel colored locks which he keeps styled short. Expressive eyebrows frame his piercing eyes the color of worn denim and his high cheekbones. With a trim frame, taut forearms and toned calf muscles, he is most comfortable in a t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops and his favorite aviator-style sunglasses. He strongly resembles actor Dan Stevens.

(177 cm)
139 lb
(63 kg)
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Blood Type:
  • Ancestry:Caucasian
  • Ethnic Background:English-Irish-Scottish/Irish-Native American-English
  • Degree:BS/Business
  • Occupation:Consultant
  • Interests:Art, Cooking, Outdoors, Reading, Travel
  • If there is a YES and you would like to have more information about this donor’s reported pregnancies, please contact Client Services at 800-338-8407 or click the "Click to Chat" button at the top of this page.Pregnancy Reported:No
  • Photo Matching:Yes
  • CMV Status:Negative
  • Age Range at Donation:29-34
  • Astrological Sign:Aries
  • Favorite Subject:Arts, History, Natural Science, Technology
  • Religion:Christian (Non-denominational)
  • Favorite Pet:Dog
  • Personal Goals:Community Service, Financial Security, Further Education, Improve Environment, Marriage/Family, Rewarding Career, Success, To Be Happy, To Help People, Travel
  • Talents/Hobbies:Cooking, Drawing, Hiking, Leatherworking, Painting, Photography, Swimming, Wood burning