Chinese Donor Spotlight

July 07, 2020

View some of Fairfax Cryobank’s Chinese Sperm Donors!

Chinese baby leaning on table

Here at Fairfax Cryobank, we have over 450 donors for our clients to choose from. We believe that together we make family, and that involves helping you pick your perfect donor! Below are some of the Fairfax Cryobank Donors with a Chinese ethnic background that we have available through our donor catalog. To find more Chinese donors visit our expansive donor search today!

Donor 5346

Donor 5346 is incredibly positive with a very enthusiastic attitude. He is one of our most considerate donors. He decided to become a donor for the same reason that he aspires to become a doctor- to help people. According to Donor 5346, kindness is one of the most honorable traits. A very talented musician, he loves playing the violin. He likes playing basketball in his free time. He has a full head of silky black hair that he keeps casually styled at most times. His warm brown eyes, hidden behind his professional black-rimmed glasses, light up when he smiles.

Donor 6213

Donor 6213 is a well-spoken individual who is not afraid to dream big. Throughout his life, his parents emphasized the importance of education and a good work ethic, and these valuable lessons allowed him to earn his Juris Doctor and graduate from an Ivy League Institution. He is passionate about his career in government service. He believes that nothing comes free or easy in life, and only those who understand how to handle diversity and keep on trying despite their failures are the ones who will succeed. Tall and lean, he attributes his figure to spending his free time at the gym. This donor’s dark, almond-shaped eyes are framed by well-groomed eyebrows and dark lashes. His jet-black tousled hair is usually swept to the side, and it contrasts nicely with his soft, fair complexion. His full lips smile excitedly as he talks about his latest work endeavors, and his business casual attire further reflects his passion for his profession. Friends tell him he looks like actor John Cho.

Donor 5391

Donor 5391 is creative and puts a lot of care into everything he does, ranging from his artistic abilities to finding ways to give back to the community. Self-assured and confident, he still has a laid back and peaceful way about him. He enjoys reading and has deep insights in what he has read. This donor is attentive and always cares about putting a smile on your face. His hobbies include making tools, drawing, reading and outdoor activities. His love for cooking inspires him to experiment with different recipes and try them out with friends. He has wavy onyx locks that perfectly frame his round face. His deep brown eyes shine with enthusiasm. His medium ivory complexion highlights his cheekbones. He has a lean stature and toned biceps. Friends tell him he looks like Brandon Lee.

Donor 5912

Donor 5912 is kind, well-mannered and eloquent. He captivates his audience with a cordial tone and slow tempo. He speaks from the heart and puts a lot of thought into what he says. He is always considerate of other people’s time and makes an extra effort to not be a burden. He values honesty, politeness and being compassionate with others. Showing respect is a core value. He enjoys traveling, skiing and spending time with family. He has a clean-cut appearance. When talking to others, his eyes and mouth become animated. His thick black hair stands tall, much like the confidence he manifests. He looks like producer Steve Nguyen.

Donor 4947

Donor 4947 is a family physician who is very compassionate and dedicated. He is quiet and kind hearted, and our staff comment on his intelligence and sweet-natured personality. During his leisure time he is an avid reader, a talented pianist and likes to visit with family. He is very driven and takes pride in working hard and being successful in all that he does. Donor 4947 has a slim medium build with pretty, dark brown eyes and thick, straight black hair. He is moderately active and enjoys biking. He is good looking with a great, confident smile and sparkly white teeth.

Donor 5852

Donor 5852 is a very ambitious and strikingly intelligent man. He is analytical, inquisitive, and articulate. This worldly donor requires an entire wall for the degrees, certifications and honors he has worked so hard to earn. He has two bachelor’s degrees, one in applied mathematics and another in nuclear engineering as well as a master’s degree in mathematical and computational finance. Not only is he incredibly intelligent, but he is also likes helping others and volunteers often. He is driven to have a life of meaning. Dedicated to his health, he goes on long runs and lifts weights and plans to train for a triathlon. He also has a way with words; literally, he speaks 4 different languages! He sports a clean-cut look. His five-o clock shadow flatters his round face and full plump lips. Always the professional, he dresses sharply in business attire.

Donor 5160

Donor 5160 is a serious man who strives to be a provider for his family in China and wants to make a better life for them. He is very intelligent, speaking five languages and maintaining his high academic standards. He comes from a well-educated family, and success is the only option for him. Donor 5160 wants to be challenged. He wants to continue to be pushed outside of his comfort zone and experience what the world has to offer. He has loosely styled, straight black hair. He has full eyebrows that peek above his trendy glasses. Usually straight-faced, you’ve struck a chord if you get him to smile. He looks like singer Jay Park.

Donor 5399

Donor 5399 has a very big heart. His empathy and compassion drive him to give back to the community. He is motivated to help others and aspires to be a physical therapist. Hard work and dedication are important aspects he puts into everything he does. He believes you earn what you get and being humble is important. Whenever he can, this donor loves to spend quality time with his family just cooking and talking. He has a cheerful smile that brightens up the room. His ebony hair shines in the light and his sun-kissed medium skin tone becomes blushed as he speaks. He has a deep, husky tone in his voice that is soothing whenever he talks. His everyday attire consists of business casual, which makes him look clean-cut and suave while hiding his toned figure underneath. His lean muscles and fit body are indicative of his playing outdoor sports and keeping a healthy lifestyle. He looks like director James Wan.

Donor 2669

Donor 2699 is of Chinese ancestry. He has jet black hair and brown eyes. He enjoys playing chess and cooking in his free time. This donor also likes to play the piano. Laboratory staff say this donor is a rock, because he is always calm and collected. He dreams of someday being able to travel to South America for vacation.

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