How to order sperm online?

August 11, 2016

I want to place an order, what are the steps I need to take before making a purchase online?

Before placing an order your Licensed Physician/Practitioner must have established an account with us. Accounts are either set up as bill the physician or patient pre-pay.

For physician bill accounts, the physician’s office places the order. For patient pre-pay accounts, patients place and pay for orders either by phone or online. Please contact your physician’s office to confirm how they expect orders to be made for their patients.

We also must have a signed Terms of Use Letter from you before a semen order can be placed. You can now do this online during the check-out process. Please review the document carefully before hitting the submit button. Our Terms of Use Letter explains what to expect from our semen donor program and what we expect from you when purchasing our semen and other services. If you prefer you can download the form and return a signed copy to us by fax, mail or a scanned image into an email at least business one day prior to placing your semen order.You may contact Client Service for assistance.

When do I need to place my order?

Fairfax Cryobank recommends placing your order one to two weeks prior to your scheduled procedure to ensure donor availability. You can place your order and establish a shipping date up to thirty days in advance. If your procedure is more then 30 days away you can also place an order to put into storage with Fairfax Cryobank.

How do I purchase donor information online?

  1. Go to our home page at
  2. Click on “Donor Search” from the homepage.
  3. Complete your search based on your personal preferences- to view the entire list do not select any options.
  4. Click “Search Now”.
  5. Click on the blue hyperlink for the donor you wish to purchase.
  6. On the right hand side, you’ll see information you can download on the donor and products available for purchase.
  7. Consider one of the Donor Unlimited Access Packages that provide instant access for one fee.
  8. Add products to your shopping cart by clicking on the Add to Cart.
  9. If you wish to purchase products on another donor click on “previous donor”, “next donor”, or “search results” at the top of the page.
  10. When finished ordering, click on “View Cart” to view your order. Correct if necessary.
  11. When you are ready to pay, click “Check Out”.
  12. Fill out the general billing information, click Continue to Payment Information.
  13. Follow the instructions after submitting payment information.
  14. You can access previous purchases by logging into your account from the home page–top right login option.

How do I purchase donor sperm online?

  1. Follow steps 1-5 from answer above
  2. On the lower right hand side you will see ‘Order Sperm’
  3. Click on the preparation type (IUI, ICI or IVF).
  4. Choose the number of vials you need.
  5. After you are finished selecting (purchasing) items for your shopping cart, click on “View Cart” to verify your order.
  6. Pay by going to “Check Out”. Fill out the general billing information completely (pay close attention to the shipping means and address).
  7. Click Continue to Payment Information, follow the instructions after submitting billing information.

In order to view donor information I purchased on the website, do I need any specific programs?

All of our written donor information is in HTML format thus you just need a web browser to view information. To listen to audio interviews you will need an audio player such as Windows Media Player, Real Player, or QuickTime. They are kept in your account and can be accessed again via your login (your email address) and password that you created on your first purchase.

How do I view the donor information that I purchased?

After completing the necessary purchasing steps above, you will be brought to a screen verifying your billing and payment information. You will see a button that says Confirm and Complete Order. Click on that button, and you will see hyperlinks taking you to the items you purchased.

What does it mean when it says  ‘CALL’ if a sperm sample is available?

If it says, “please call” when attempting to purchase donor semen, it means that there are less than ten vials available (which we consider a limited supply) and one should call to know the current availability of the donor.

Will I get an order confirmation?

You have a choice of an e-mail or phone confirmation for donor sperm orders.

At what point can I cancel my sperm order?

You must cancel your order 24 hours before the scheduled ship date to avoid a $100 restocking fee.

What happens if I accidentally do a duplicate order?

Contact Fairfax Cryobank immediately after you notice that you made a duplicate order. Fairfax Cryobank will then void one of the orders.

How do I remove an item from my shopping cart?

If you chose to delete one item from your cart and leave the rest, under “quantity,” change the number to “0” and click on “Update Total.” Once you click on “Update Total”, the item will be automatically removed from your cart.

How do I review old purchases of donor information?

During the check out process for your first order you will create a log-in and password. Your log-in is your e-mail address. You will use this log-in and password to view your order history. To view your order history, go to the donor search and click the button that says Sign In. After signing in you will see Order History in the top right hand corner.

I forgot my password – how can I retrieve it?

Click on the Sign In button. Click on the button that states Have you forgotten your password? Your password will be e-mailed to you.

I am having a problem ordering online, what should I do?

Fairfax Cryobank’s customer service at 800-338-8407 will be able to help with your order. You can also use our new Click to Chat feature available from our home page and the donor search as well.

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