How to select the ideal donor

December 17, 2019

Selecting the ideal donor can seem like an overwhelming process. With their vast experience in helping clients through the process, our Client Services Team put together this helpful list of tips to simplify the process for you. Try them and see if they work for you!

1. Talk to your doctor about CMV & RH status.
Knowing if these matter in your situation will make the initial selection of the right group of donors easier.

2. Know your genetic screening results.
If you need a donor with certain testing, we will work with you. It may already be done, but best to know what you need up front so you can choose wisely.

3. Decide what characteristics matter to you.
Whether it is a certain height, eye color or ancestry that matters, chose those and come up with a select group of donors. If you have someone you would like the donor to resemble, consider uploading his or her photo into our free FaceMatch application or provide us the photos and we’ll help with the match.

4. Start reviewing donor information on this select group.
There is so much available at no cost so start there. For example, the summary profile gives an overview of medical information. The audio clips give you an instant impression. If you are ready to get more details on your select group of donors there is a plan to view all the profiles and childhood photos for one fee. Contact our Client Services team at 800-338-8407 or via live chat to learn more about Unlimited Access.

5. Seek out advice and support from those who are having similar experiences.
You can find many resources online and if you participate, you can choose to remain anonymous. One option is to visit our Fairfax Family Forums to see what others are saying and ask your questions to a large group of like minded folks.

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