“How We’re Getting Pregnant as a Lesbian Couple!” – Abbie & Julia Ensign

February 11, 2020

YouTube stars, Abbie & Julia Ensign share their story on how they’re getting pregnant as a lesbian couple

Abbie and Julia Enisgn

We partnered with Abbie & Julia Ensign to share their thoughts on selecting a sperm donor! From Abbie Ensign – “We’re so excited to be sharing our pregnancy journey with you all. Our path to pregnancy starts at a different place than most couples- we start with picking out a donor. We’re happy to announce that thanks to Fairfax Cryobank, we’re checking that off our list! We’re actually partnering with them so we can offer all of you the same thing we got – FULL membership access, free for 90 days! All you have to do is use our code ENSIGNFAM at checkout!”

Learn more about their journey to pregnancy as a lesbian couple here!

To learn more about Fairfax Families visit our testimonial page here.

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