New Donors of December

January 01, 2021

5 new dashing donors were added to Fairfax’s donor catalog!

family celebrating the holidays with their children

2020 was not exactly what we thought it would be. This year had high highs and low lows, but there is one thing we can be thankful for. We can be thankful for our family and the possibility of expanding our families by 1! Fairfax Cryobank has been ecstatic to help our families grow by 1 or even more this year. To end the year Fairfax has added 5 new donors to our donor catalog. Get to know these dashing donors below!

Donor 6266 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6266

Donor 6266 is an articulate, burgeoning young filmmaker and artist with a love for adventure. This highly creative man expresses himself by dancing, playing the piano, acting, writing, making music, and cooking. Growing up with two counselors for parents has given this donor remarkable perception and self-awareness, and he always takes time to consider how his actions will affect others. He is a natural leader, and he has a knack for bringing the best out of each team member when solving problems collaboratively. He has a slender, athletic build, and he is usually dressed in fun colorful attire. This cheerful man has a bright smile that reaches the corners of his friendly, dark brown eyes.

Donor 6230 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6230

Donor 6230 is a talented artist and musician, and his dedication to his passion shapes every decision he makes. He was drawn to art and music even as a young child, and today he possesses the skills of a classically trained pianist. This donor grew up in a “melting pot” community, and the opportunity to interact with people from many different cultures and walks of life has instilled in him a deep sense of empathy and understanding for others. He is intrigued by human nature and believes that a richer understanding of psychology could help solve many of the problems that society faces today. Our staff considers him a handsome, charming man whose mouth is always pulled into a playful grin. His long brown hair is pulled back into a small, neat bun and he wears a short beard that accentuates the straight lines of his jaw. This donor has beautiful green eyes that are adorned with remarkably long, full eyelashes. He is tall and muscular; he works out regularly, and his toned arms and legs are visible through the activewear he’s usually dressed in.

donor 5834 baby photo

ID Donor 5834

Donor 5834 is calm, self-assured, and very charming. He is a true family man who values quality time with them. He has many interests including riding his motorcycle, reading, and gardening. He enjoys working with his hands and takes great pride in his automotive repair skills. He has completed his bachelor’s degree with a double major; one in Psychology and the other in Spanish; his mother tongue. He takes pride in his heritage and the love he has for his family shines every time he mentions them. His curly black hair tops his tall, broad-shouldered frame, the cheerful ringlets complement his bright smile. His dark brown eyes stand out and give a glimpse into his inquisitive mind. He is usually sporting a motorcycle jacket, over his preferred casual dress. He resembles the rapper Timati.

Donor 6316 baby photo

ID Donor 6316

Donor 6316 is a talented musician who dreams of being a professional stargazer one day. He is a loveable guy with a positive outlook. He believes that everything happens for a reason and will ultimately work out in the end. In his free time, he likes to play multiple instruments, write music and prose, do archery or rock climb. He is a level-headed and easy-going person. Our staff describes him as a cute guy with an endearing smile. His eyes are particularly attractive, and he has a head full of thick, red hair. He has a light skin complexion that is accentuated by a few freckles. His style is casual, wearing cool Disney themed tee shirts. He looks like actor James Corden.

Donor 6323 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6323

Donor 6323 is a quiet, thoughtful man with a mysterious side. He has a happy demeanor that makes us smile when we talk with him. A family man, he loves taking care of others, a true nurturing soul. He prides himself on being a very loyal friend. Grilling on weekends is a favorite pastime, and when indoors he likes to play video games and watch movies. He is a hard worker and truly believes you can accomplish anything when you set your mind to it. His motto is life it is what you make of it. He has dreamy green eyes. He has an athletic build that is sturdy and dashing. He has cute curly brown hair and his five o’clock shadow looks rugged, adding to his attractiveness. Friends tell him he looks like basketball player Blake Griffin and we agree.

From everyone at Fairfax Cryobank, we wish you a very happy and prosperous 2021! For more donors like this visit our donor search today.

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