Plan, Prep, Important Steps: Being Recognized As the Parent – For Lesbian Couples

February 03, 2014

Blog written by Cryobank Staff JM

One of my friends, I’ll call her Jane, is expecting her first child, due this spring.  It’s wonderful to witness the joy on her face, and to see how excited her wife is!  They have been planning and preparing for each moment in this amazing journey for a very long time.  It hasn’t always been easy, but they are finally in the home stretch – Baby Boy will be here in just a few short weeks!

 A little about their journey:

First, they decided it was time to build their family.  They reviewed dozens of donor profiles from a few different cryobanks before they found one that was their perfect match.

Then, Jane’s wife tried to conceive via donor insemination.  After a few failed attempts, they decided that Jane would try next.

Well, Jane had her first insemination, and got her BFP 3 weeks later!  Lucky on the first try!  They were thrilled, but refrained from making an announcement to friends and family until 13 weeks.

Fast-forward to seven months along…The nursery is painted, furnished, and decorated in the most adorable airplane theme ever.  Family and friends have showered the Mommies-to-Be with oodles of baby gifts – clothes, toys, diapers.  Jane and her wife are attending natural childbirth classes and have chosen a name.

Then, they realized that they had overlooked a really important step.  Ensuring that Jane’s wife has parenting rights!  Depending on what state you live in, this can be a complicated and costly process.

I’m happy to report that they have found a wonderful attorney who specializes in Family Law and LBGTQ issues, and are working on second parent adoption.

A message from Jane to anyone in a LBGT marriage who is planning a family:  “Find out what options are available to you in your state.  Ask if your child is protected if you move to another state.  Get informed and don’t overlook this critical step in the process of building your family!”

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